Process-oriented coaching

With my coaching I help you find

an individual solution to the issues and challenges you face. My work is based on the firm belief that each person has within them everything necessary for their own development. Tapping into these inner strengths enables you to engage positively and actively with your environment.

Whether you come to me as a manager or leader, as an employee or a freelance, as a team or as an individual,
I aim to create a relaxed and appreciative atmosphere where trust can develop, motivating you to extend your horizons and to reach out and embrace new responsibilities and tasks.

I welcome each person as an individual
with their own knowledge, experience and characteristics. Together we create a framework that allows you to grow in self-knowledge, to increase your repertoire of tools or to deepen your specific competencies, equipping you to deal with the issues confronting you. Whether we are tackling a concrete challenge at work or are concerned with a private matter that may involve deep-seated values, I always see accompanying a client through this process as a great privilege.

One of my tasks
is to pick up on your signals. This allows you to focus on the questions that emerge, exploring them thoroughly and in as much depth as you feel comfortable with. I pay meticulous attention to your replies and reactions, thus ensuring that you can integrate and apply the newly acquired knowledge in your everyday life.

I am able to guide you through
this process of growing self-awareness and self-direction in a manner that is absolutely right for you, an ability that I have honed and extended in a three-year course on process-oriented coaching and N-Process ® facilitation (Hanuman Institut Berlin). This coaching approach and particular method of facilitating group processes is a further development of Arnold and Amy Mindell's process-oriented psychology.

I am also accredited for numerous international methods
that are successfully used for personality and team development. These include:

  • Team Management Systems ® by Margerison and McCann, for determining work preferences and their use in successful teamwork
  • The Team Performance Model ® by Drexler and Sibbet, for leaders and coaches wishing to adeptly guide team development processes
  • Linking Skills ® by Margerison and McCann, for the development of leadership competencies
  • Motivatorenanalyse ® by Alexander Christiani, for identifying motivators and demotivators and thus facilitating goal achievement
  • KODE ® by Heyse and Erpenbeck, for determining and developing competencies
My greatest strength lies in combining these targeted methods and tools to provide coaching that specifically caters for your individual development process.