Competency Assessment and Development (KODE ®)

This service is only available in German.

Competencies are abilities that we have attained through practice, experience and reflection.
They are not innate talents. However, it is easier to acquire competencies in areas for which we already demonstrate a preference or strength (a talent or affinity). Competencies become particularly apparent when it is necessary to tackle new, unforeseen tasks.

KODE distinguishes between four major areas of competency, 
for example socio-communicative competency. Each of these four areas consists of 16 separate competencies (e.g. love of experimentation, drive, decisiveness).

Competencies emerge from each individual's personal path of development and self-engagement.
Analysing competencies is therefore always a very personal process that may involve considerable self-reflection and examination. A prerequisite to working with KODE is thus an interest in improving self-knowledge and the wish to discover more about your own competencies.

Willingness to engage on this level
is rewarded by a method that is extremely differentiated and does justice to the complexity of life. The KODE approach allows you to clearly define the area that you feel can be usefully addressed at the present time.

KODE was designed in Germany in the mid-1990s
by Volker Heyse and John Erpenbeck. As a first step you complete a securely encrypted online questionnaire and your answers are then used to generate your competency profile. I offer you the opportunity to comprehensively discuss the profile, explaining and analysing the graphs. This process allows extremely valuable findings to emerge, yielding new self-knowledge that can be applied in your everyday life. KODE provides you with a very focused and positive assessment of your strengths and weaknesses, an assessment that is related to your work and life circumstances, your wishes and visions.

You determine which of the competencies to specifically target.
You decide which weaknesses it may be profitable to address and which strengths you want to focus on. KODE helps you to concentrate on the issues that are really important to you.

Working with KODE allows you
to engage with yourself at a deep and emotional level. It may trigger developments that have a long-term positive effect on your life. Despite what may initially appear to be its very schematic structure, KODE actually involves a harmonious and very lively process.

KODE is suitable for use
with individuals in various contexts and with teams or workshops. The method has also been employed with great success for leadership development.