Giving Effective and Professional Presentations in English

This workshop is only available in English and is designed for speakers of any mother tongue.

Ring any bells?
Even though you prepared the presentation carefully, it fell flat; the audience did not catch your enthusiasm. Passing on your expertise is difficult, communicating your passion for the subject even more so. We practise together, moving well beyond the basics and reaching the point where you can captivate and inspire your audience.

Selected contents of my one-to-one coaching sessions and workshops

  • establishing and maintaining contact with the audience
  • when and how to strike a personal note
  • using exciting language and underpinning your message with visuals
  • developing a coherent framework for the presentation
  • getting off to a flying start and ending on a high note


  • numerous tried and tested tips
  • many opportunities to develop and optimise your own presentation style
  • practical application of a range of presentation techniques
  • gain confidence