Teaching in English

This workshop is only available in English and is designed for speakers of any mother tongue.

You may find it easy to teach in your own language,
but doing the same in English can be most challenging. Concepts and understandings need to be re-defined in the foreign language, and even forms of communication that are routine in your own language may be difficult and stressful. Lectures, discussions and debates can be particularly daunting, even if your English is very good.

Selected contents of my one-to-one coaching sessions and workshops

  • you are given a safe environment where you can practise discussing a particular topic in English in front of a group
  • you learn, as appropriate to the group, the typical pitfalls of English for German-speakers
  • we focus on specific aspects of your teaching role: techniques of questioning, interacting with students and trainees, and chairing discussions


  • you gain confidence and ease teaching in English
  • you can communicate your specialist knowledge and personal abilities even in the foreign language
  • a good basis for profitable exchanges with specialist international audiences or English-speaking students