Instructor Training

These workshops are available as basic, advanced and refresher courses.

Instructor Training Workshop
Whatever the framework of your training activities – be that in-house consultancy, teaching in higher education or freelance, I help you in this workshop to develop your teaching skills and to organise your courses so that they are carefully targeted, keeping your colleagues or students interested and enthusiastic.
From my own schooling onwards I have been concerned to invest passion and creativity into my teaching; I see teaching with vitality as the key to keeping learning enjoyable.

Selected contents

  • a range of hands-on methods and guidance to target groups for which they are most appropriate
  • you improve your skills in transferring best practices and apply them to your own subjects
  • you find out how to take different learning styles into consideration when selecting methods
  • the seven principles of learning
  • you reflect on your training role and interaction and collaboration with your students
  • you become familiar with the sources of your motivation and learn to support your students and trainees in identifying and using their own motivation
  • I supervise you in appropriate work situations, afterwards we reflect on and assess the experience together
  • monitor your progress by means of a logbook
The workshop draws in large part on my own co-developed Munterrichtsmethoden ®.

Advantage to you

  • you learn to prepare your seminars, workshops and courses more effectively, in a manner suitable to your target group
  • you can better support the learning processes of your colleagues and students
  • the focus is on bringing levity and good humour to the forefront of the learning process, rather than a luxury subject to time constraints