Conflict mediation

Sounds familiar?

  • misunderstanding after misunderstanding
  • the same problems keep popping up
  • the team could be performing so much better, if only …
  • you’re bothered by how the others do things but are afraid to address it

When people depend on
one another – at work or at home – and draw on the same resources, then conflict occurs. Failure to communicate the variant views and experiences can then cause that conflict to escalate.

Openly addressing a conflict is seldom easy.
But if we learn to deal with a disagreement before it escalates, conflict can even actually be amazingly rewarding. The resolution process allows strengths and potentialities to emerge that can be most significant for the further development of those involved.

My work as a conflict mediator enables you
to take a positive approach to your conflicts and those involved in them. I help you to clarify and communicate your needs and interests. Resolving conflict always entails recognising the role that you yourself play and assessing your own behaviour. This then opens up options for action, eliminating feelings of powerlessness. Recognising the various and differing positions of power in the conflict situation brings the parties concerned mutual understanding. This relieves inner tension, allowing all those involved to relax and recognise the value of one another's contributions.

My experience has shown
that working through the conflict is usually helpful, even if the chances of success initially appear slim. And despite the often very difficult topics we deal with, there can be encouraging moments of spontaneous laughter.

Where both sides involved
in the conflict are present in the resolution process, I prefer to work alongside a colleague, in order to ensure that both sides are provided with equal levels of support.